Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pan America (PANAM) SVD Brothers

1. KINDERKNECHT, Javier (ARE); Coordinator of Communications; Education; Technician and professor in Social Communications)
2. ACOSTA, Raúl (ARE); Doing Anthropology studies at the university (temp. vows)
3. GÓMEZ, Jorge Gabriel (ARS); Doing Social Work studies (t. vows)
4. RÍOS, Federico (ARS); Doing Social Communication studies (t. vows)
5. VENEGAS, Juan de Dios (ARS); Doing studies for Youth Ministry (t. vows)
6. AGUILAR, R. Jaime (ARS); Doing Sociology studies (t. vows)
7. BUET, Boni (ARS); Pastoral work / district superior
8. BENITEZ, Néstor J. (ARS); Master in Sciences of Education (Legal Attorney of the Colegio San José, Esperanza).
9. HIRCH, Víctor (ARS); Master in Social Sciences; Director of Cáritas Quilmes (Bs As)
10. LORO, Darwin (ARS); BA in Sciences (Psychology); first assignment for ARS
11. ARENZ, Carlos (BRA); Lecturer of Anthropology and Missiology (Sao Paulo and Santarém)
12. CASAGRANDE, Elismar (BRA); Pastoral/Social work
13. HEISTERHOFF, Uwe (BOL); Bible Apostolate
14. SOUZA, Josimar Ferreira (BOL); Medicine (doctor)
15. LIMA, Paulo Eugenio (BRC); Communications (Verbo Filmes)
16. CLEBER, Alex (BRC); Doing Nursing studies
17. PARMAGNANI, Renato (BRC); Did Nursing studies; now does basic theology
18. FLORA, Luciney (BRC); Did OTP in PNG
19. TETE, Oscar (BRC); Education Ministry
20. FIUZA, Ivo dos Santos (BRC); Pastoral/Social work; JPIC; National Director for Brothers
21. RUDNICK, Moacir (BRC); Formation; Provincial Secretary of Formation.
22. REZENDE, Geraldo Camilo (BRC); Did OTP in Kenya
23. GRODA, Yosef (BRC); Formation and social/pastoral work
24. DE LUCCA, Paolo (BRC); Administration/Praeses (Suzano)
25. FELIX, Alcides Leopoldo (BRN); Administration; education
26. AMARILLA, Jorge (BRN); Vocation Promotion / Computer studies
27. MENDES, Gilvaldo (CAM); Bible Apostolate
28. RODRIGUES, Wilson (CAM); Doing OTP
29. BISSUE, John (COL); Pastoral/formation
30. CARRILLO, Julio Jiménez (COL); Doing a Degree in Theology (temp. vows)
31. CONDORI, L. Edmundo (COL); Doing basic Theology (temp. vows); wants to study Odontology.
32. KIM BONG, John (ECU); Pastoral and Social work
33. DUARTE, Roberto (ECU); JPIC Coordinator; Area Coordinator for JPIC in the PANAM Zone 34. MAYULU, Raúl (PAR); Administration; Education; Praeses
35. HASLER, Thomas (PAR); Administration, education
36. AZUAGA, Pedro (PAR); Doing Regency in Pastoreo (t. vows)
37. KNAOFOME, Vinsent (PAR); Formation ministry
38. BOLI, Hieronimus (PAR); Working in Pastoreo (farming, education)
39. BETU, Lambertus (PAR); Studying accountancy
40. LEON, Celfirio (PAR); Doing basic Theology (t. vows)
41. McLAUCHLIN, Brian (USC); JPIC Coordinator
42. SULLIVAN, Richard (USC); (Canada) Finances/Administration
43. BOWERS, Rodney (USC); Administration
44. ZEMEL, Matthew (USC); Finances/Administration
45. ZABRANSKY, Jim (USC); Pastoral work (Parish)
46. SPITZLEY, Bernie (USC); (Caribbean District) Pastoral/social work; provincial councilor.
47. HOLMAN, Daniel (USC); Superior Delegatus
48. CHAMPAGNE, Donald (USC); Rector and Director of Retreat Center
49. NEWTON, Dennis (USC); Vice-Provincial; Director Miss. Office
50. ALBERS, Ray (USC); Formation (Brother formation house)
51. CAMILLERI, Larry (USC); Pilot
52. DECKER, Michael (USC); Formation ministry
53. DIEDERICH, Kevin (USC); Maintenance
54. HAEGELER, George (USC); Finances / Praeses
55. HANNAN, Rogers (USC); Pastoral work and Social ministry
56. HEGRATY, Patrick (USC); Social work
57. HOGAN, Patrick (USC); Administration; provincial councilor.
58. KREINUS, Anthony (USC); Assistant Librarian
59. PASHIA, Gerard (USC); Retired
60. RAKER, Gerard (USC); Administration
61. SCHERGER, Bernie (USC); Maintenance
62. VALOIS, Ken (USC); Potter
63. HERNANDEZ Díaz, Miller (USC); Doing OTP
64. CHAMBERS, Richard (USS); Finances / Administration
65. KEREKES, Stephen (USW); Retired
66. TRINH, Vinh Ngoc Vincent (USW); Maintenance
67. Yunck, Daniel (USW); Maintenance
68. HOTCHKISS, Andy (USW); JPIC provincial coordinator
69. PARDY, Stephen (USW); Director of Development for Wordnet Productions (Communications)


1. BETKER, Robert (CUR); Technician in computer maintenance at the Generalate
2. TOCZEK, Zbigniew (CUR); In charge of the SVD Catalogus
3. BERGER, Alfonso José (CUR); General Councilor; professor in Religious Sciences
4. MOJS, Jan (CUR); Photo archive at the Generalate
5. EGURZA, Ángel (ESP); Administration (Praeses)
6. REHM, Bruno (GER); Provincial Treasurer
7. SEURIG, Wolfgang (GER); Provincial Secretary
8. STRECKEL, Michael (GER); Press Apostolate, promotion of magazines (SG, WW, etc.)
9. OSTHUES, Gerhard (GER); Director of Brothers; House councilor, Press Apostolate
10. SCHEID, Roland (GER); Coordinator Centrum St. Michael, Postulancy, Vice-Rector,
Provincial Council
11. HEIDER, Paul (GER); Administration (House councilor)
12. NAGELSDIEK, Hubert (GER); Vice-Praeses
13. KRUMMEL, Ludwig (GER); Press Apostolate
14. SCHILLINGS, Mark (GER); Mission Procure St. Augustine
15. MULLER, Kunibert (GER); Retired
16. HELF, Heinz (GER); Press Photography
17. TAZBIREK, Pawol (GER); Provincialate Archives
18. JANSEN, Clemens (GER); House Council, Public Relation
19. SCHARIO, Rudi (GER); Painter
20. THEISSEN, Reiner (GER); Administration (local treasurer)
21. THEOBALD, Stefan (GER); Provincial councilor (GER)
22. WUERTH, Stefan (GER); Social work/gardener
23. ZILLIEN, Martin (GER); House councilor
24. WINKLER, Gerhard (GER); Activity
25. STOHL, Meinolf (GER); Archivist (GER)
26. SPIES, Paul (GER); Vice-Praeses; local treasurer
27. WEIGL, Jakob (GER); Retired
28. HOECHERL, Valentin (GER); Administration
29. NAGELSDIEK, Hubert (GER); Vice-Praeses
30. MULLER, Alois (GER); Retired
31. MAZURKIEWICZ, Peter (GER); Local treasurer
32. ZABOS, Robert (HUN); Leave of absence
33. ZOLTAN, András (HUN); Studying Gardening
34. SZABÓ, Alex (HUN); Doing Theology Studies
35. WIEL, Peter van de (NEB); Administration; pastoral work
36. GAUGG, Hans (OES); Retired
37. GADEK, Adalberto (Wojciech) (OES); Press Apostolate, distribution of SVD magazines (SG, WW, etc.)
38. KAPU, Konstantinus (OES); Studying Communications
39. SZEWCZUK, Piotr (POL); Superior Delegatus; prov. councilor
40. PARON, J. Marian (POL); House treasurer
41. PASKA, Stanislaw (POL); Provincial car Driver
42. DETTLAFF Jacek (POL); Provincial treasurer
43. GÓRKA, Tadeusz (POL); Publication distributor
44. FIJALKOWSKI, Wlodzimierz (POL); Vice-rector; house treasurer
45. BURAK, Pawel (POL); House treasurer
46. NYKLEWICZ Ireneusz (POL); House treasurer
47. WARZYNSKI, Sławek (POL); Student of Pedagogy
48. KUJAWA, Michal (POL); Auto Mechanic; t. vows
49. KENDIK, Grzegorz (POL); Nursing studies; t. vows
50. PORWOL, Szymon (POL); Computer/Graphic Design; t. vows
51. CHARCHUTA, Krzysztof (POL); Pastry cook t. vows
52. CHOMKA, Lukasz (POL); Carpenter; t. vows
53. SMOLINSKI Przemysław (POL); Gardener; t. vows
54. POTYKA, Jan (POL); Brother formation; learning English
55. DRABIK, Cristobal (POL); Assigned to Laskowice
56. MAREK, Wojtas (POL); Working in formation ministry
57. AMARO, José (POR); Administration; education; Diploma in Communications (journalism)
58. PRCÚCH, Roman (ROM); Porter; gardener (Collegio)
59. ASA ATI, Yohannes (ROM); In charge of the Post/Sacristy (Collegio)
60. DAGADU, Samuel (ROM); Local treasurer (Collegio S. Pietro)
61. NARO, Heronimus (ROM); House maintenance
62. MNICH, Joachim (ROM); New assignment (Catacombe Domitilla)
63. BUTALA, Maros (SLO); House councilor; Social/Pastoral Work
64. HOLZEN, Vinzenz von (SWI); Mission Animation
65. SCHURTENBERGER, Franz (SWI); Administration (Rector)
66. KONSEK, Korneliusz (URL); Publishing Dir; House Praeses;
67. GÓRSKI, Kazimierz (URL); House treasurer
68. MISZCZYK, Krzysztof (URL); Regional treasurer
69. HRYNIEWICZ, Jaroslaw (URL); House treasurer
70. KALINOWSKIi, Waldemar (URL); House treasurer; Works with marginalized
72. KABELIS, Pawel (URL); House treasurer; Works with youths
73. HOHMANN , Michael (URL); House treasurer; Admonitor of the Regional Council

Asia- Pacific (ASPAC) SVD Brothers

1. WILKINS, James (AUS); Administration (provincial treasurer)
2. FRATZKE, Ronald (AUS); (Thailand) Education
3. LUNDERS, Damien (AUS); (Thailand) Social Work
4. TOONAY, Jay (AUS); JPIC ministry
5. NONO, Martin de Porres (AUS); Social and Pastoral work
6. TUPUN, Alexis (AUS); Nursing (AIN Diploma); t. vows
7. RUFFING, Bernd-Alfred (AUS); Nursing; Doing OTP
8. KROMEN, Wilfrid (IDE); Formation; National Director of the Brother formation; Professor in Informatics
9. MAMAQ, Martinus (IDE); Rector of Brother Formation House
10. KESAPE, W. Gabriel (IDE); Working at the Provincial Secretariat
11. BAI, Tukan Yoahnes (IDJ); Formation ministry
12. VIANNEY, John (IDJ); Social Work; education
13. SII, Peter (IDJ); Information Technology studies; t. vows.
14. FUNAN, Ruben (IDJ); Communications’ studies; t. vows
15. Dakhi, Efisien (IDJ); Bahasa Indonesia Language; t. vows.
16. GUNA, Stanislaus (IDR); Director of Brother Formation
17. FUANMUNI, Yohanes (IDT); Formation ministry (assist. Novice master, director of Brother formation in IDT)
18. BALAN, Clemens (IDT); Formation ministry
19. TIGGA, Kishore (INC); Formator of Brothers (Vidyodaya)
20. BILUNG, Emmanuel (INC); Manager of printing press
21. S. DURAI, Raju (INC); Working in an SVD printing press
22. KERKETTA, Benjamin (INC); Working in an SVD printing press
23. PAULRAJ, Kalaimani (INC); In temporary vows (studying Odontology)
24. EKKA, Muktilal (INE); Education Ministry
25. SURIN, Bipin Kishore (INE); Formation ministry
26. SORENG, Rajesh (INH); Formator (National Director of Brother Formation); Area Coordinator for the SVD Brothers in the ASPAC Zone.
27. SAMMANASUNATHAN, Francis (INH); Education/ongoing formation, Executive Secretary of the "National Assembly of Religious Brother, India, (NARBI)".
28. S. SWAMINATHAN, Valiyavilalyil (INM); Administration (provincial treasurer)
29. YAMAMOTO, Isao J. (JPN); Administration (prov. treasurer)
30. MAU BAU, Justin (JPN); Administration; OTP director, Praeses
31. PHAM VAN VINH, Dominico (JPN); House maintenance in a retreat house
32. BULILAN, Carl Milos R. (JPN); MA in Anthropology
33. BAEK, K H. Michael (KOR)MA in Social Work (basic formation); t. vows
34. OROG, Eugene (PHC) Assistant Postulancy Director
35. UNDUNG, Joseph (PHC); Further studies
36. GURU, Hubertus (PHC); Doing higher studies (Education)
37. JACELA, Florencio (PHC); Finance Officer
38. NUGUID, Stephen (PHC); Retired
39. SILUG, Vincent (PHC); Retired
40. PINEDA, Jose (PHC); Retired
41. ATENCIO, Ricardo (PHC); Dean-College of Nursing (Education)
42. OMAY, Manuel (PHC); Assigned to Cristo Rey (Treasurer)
43. GRUENER, Valentin (PHN); Retired
44. GOLDBERGER, Aloysuis (PHN); Asst. School Coordinator; Pastoral work / Agriculture
45. ILOGON, Ephrem (PHN); Praeses (Ubbog community), Bangued
44. CORTON, Alfredo (PHN); Finance officer and Catholic Trade Manager
45. ABULAD, Romualdo (PHS); Formation; /Teacher of Philosophy & Theology
46. BATA, Benjamin (PHC); Recuperating from illness (at Cristo Rey)
47. GUNA, Gabriel Kabelen (PHS); Doing higher studies in Cebu
48. TECSON, Noel (PHS); College Professor / Nursing
49. FAZ, Edgardo (PHS); House treasure
50. FLORES, Antonio (PHS); College Professor, Building Consultant
51. PONTEVEDRA, Roland (PHS); Vocation Director
52. SILVA, Sebastião T. (PHS); Doing OTP
53. JERUS, Mendrado (PHS); House maintenance; local treasurer
54. BONGCARAS, Paulino (PHS); College Professor / Religious Education
55. SANCHEZ, Rolando (PHS); College Professor / Athletics
56. PENOJ-AN, Villamor M (PHS); t. vows; Did Philosophy; now Chemical Engineering at the University
57. LANYI, Bela (PHS); Teaching Architecture and Religious Education at the University of S. Carlos, assist. Brother formator and coordinator of the bulletin “SVD Brothers”.
58. TORRES, Irol A. (PHS); t. vows; Lawyer (Bachelor of Laws)
59. KULLU, Rajesh (PNG); Brothers' Formation
60. KUZMA, George (PNG); Medicine (Surgeon)
61. TNINES, Martin (PNG); Anthropologist
62. BOLI, Paulus (PNG); Pastoral work in the Diocese of Wabag
63. KOSZUTA, Stanislaw (PNG); Director of a technical school
64. RUF, Norbert (SIN/Taiwan); Technician of the sound system Education
65. LIM, K. Yohannes (SIN/Tw); Campus Ministry; administration
66. OKUNIEWSKI, Adam (SIN/Tw); Electrician
67. YE, Rong-Zhe Bobby Luke (SIN/Tw); Graphic Design / Computers; t. vows
68. HUYNH, Du Dominic (VIE); Doing higher studies in Manila (PHC)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Africa - Madagascar (AFRAM) SVD Brothers

1. FACATINO, Joao Fortunato (ANG); Education Ministry
2. CASTRO, Hugo (ANG); Social work; diploma of engineer.
3. DOLLWET, Lutwin (BOT); Manager of a College (Mater Spei College) / Brothers’ contact person in the province
4. Ashun, K. Charles (BOT); Treasurer of a College (MSC)
5. MAZOLA, Guy (CNG); Formation; Superior Delegatus; AFRAM Formation Coordinator
6. GONZALEZ, Oscar (CNG); Social work; accounting training, treasurer
7. ATITUNGU, Fortunat (CNG); Carpentry manager
8. UBOLE, Theo (CNG); Praeses
9. MUSONGI, P., Lazare (CNG); Agronomy/Farming (Br. in temp. vows)
10. NICODEME, Elika (CNG); Electronics (Br. In temp. vows)
11. KURCZAB, Albert (CNG); First Assignment (leaning local language)
12. FULA, Fabien (CNG); Nursing
13. AFFUM, Emmanuel (GHA); Director of Catholic Book Centre
14. DOMELEVO, Stephen (GHA); Producer of Catholic Digest TV program for Ghana Catholic Bishops Conf. and Bible Apostolate; pastoral work
15. BONSU, Stephen (GHA); Social work; Teacher in Technical School
16. AGBEKO, Jerome (GHA); Physiotherapist; District Superior
17. ACQUAAH, McDaniel (GHA); Praeses; Director of Brother Formation
18. MUTERO, Mark (GHA); Studies in Publishing/Printing
19. BANGFO, Oswald (GHA); Education
20. BRIA, Apollonious (GHA); Working in a carpentry workshop
21. TAWIAH, R., Paul (GHA); Carpentry workshop manager (Kukurantumi)
22. TANG, Bernardus (GHA); Education Ministry
23. AKUFFO, J. Ohene (GHA); Assistant Manager Carpentry Shop
24. Aziede, Lambert (GHA); Bro. in temp. vows
25. Atuba, Peter (GHA); Bro. in temp. vows
26. KITHINJI, Lawrence (KEN); Formation/JPIC Zonal Coord.
27. GICHUKI, John W. Mike (KEN); Formation; administration
28. SCHAARSCHMIDT, Karl (KEN); Social work
29. NCUBE, Joe (KEN); Studying Social Ministry (temp. vows)
30. URAN W., Benediktus (MAD); Social work-JPIC; SVD farmer monitor
31. SOUZA, Simão Pedro (MAD); Doing Computer / Information Technology studies in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
32. YIRZIE, Bruno (MOZ); Pastoral work; education/praeses
33. DARKO-MENSAH, Anthony (TOG); Social work and Informatics
34. KAKANOU, Theodore (TOG); Social work; Superior Delegatus
35. KOLO, Barnabas (TOG); Farming and house maintenance
36. MELENDRES, Oscar (ZIM); Arts and Pastoral in Zimbabwe